Salmon. Picture: Valeria Boltneva / pexels
Salmon. Picture: Valeria Boltneva / pexels

5 foods that help fight iron deficiency

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Jul 3, 2020

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Iron deficiency anaemia is the most common nutritional deficiency worldwide and is especially prevalent in women and children – but it can be managed. 

The World Health Organization recently took to Twitter and shared a number of dietary tips and food recommendations that can help combat the problem of iron deficiency.  

The organisation revealed that people should include citrus fruits in their meals as they contain vitamin C which helps absorb the iron one needs. They also revealed that people should avoid having coffee and tea with their meals since they contain some elements that can inhibit the absorption of iron in foods and wait two hours after their main meal to have coffee or tea. 

Here are five iron-rich foods recommended by the organisation.


There are a number of meats that are rich in iron, such as poultry or fish. Salmon and tuna are two specific types of meat considered to be rich in Iron.


Eggs come naturally packed with a number of essential ingredients including iron, vitamins, and proteins. 

Chickpeas. Picture: Kyle Killam / pexels

Legumes (like beans, lentils, and chickpeas)

For vegetarians, the most important iron source is lentils. Whether in the form of a salad or a dal preparation. 

Dark leafy greens

Spinach is widely known to be the best source of iron. There are a number of other leafy greens touted to be iron-rich such as kale.

Nuts. Picture: Keegan Evans / pexels

Nuts and seeds

Apart from being a delicious and satiating snack, nuts and seeds help maintain the iron in the body. 

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