To tap into the growing tea market, check out the following list of tea trends that will be brewing in the industry soon. Picture by Claire Gunn

According to experts, the South African tea market is increasing, but what does the future hold?

We spoke to tea expert, Jessica Bonin of Lady Bonin's Tea Parlour about trends we can look out for in the near future.

Healthy alternatives

Look out for tea replacing many commonly consumed beverages to provide healthy alternatives from coffee and sugary drink alternatives. This includes functional teas, teas blended for a purpose, read “Sereni-tea” “teatox” and the like.

Cold brewed tea

From nitro tea to sparkling tea to kombucha, cold beverages are on the rise.

Beauty products

Find more and more teas being used in cosmetics from creams to shampoos to perfumes, its health properties are now being utilised.

Medicinal applications

With the rise of research finding teas benefits are seemingly endless, conventional and alternative medicines are increasingly incorporating extracts.

Tea bars 

Tea bars and tea houses are going to become more of a standard, the same way we enjoy a coffee cafe on every corner, tea is going to have its time to shine.