Become a coffee guru with these five simple tips for the best cup of joe, right at home or at a restaurant. Pexels

A good cup of coffee in the morning can set the mood for your whole day. 

We spoke to the founder of Shrewd Food, Ingrid Shevlin on what one can look out for in a cup of coffee and below is what she said:  

Temperature Matters

Coffee must be served in cups that been preheated and at exactly the right temperature so that it can be drunk immediately without burning your tongue.

Time Is of The Essence

Coffee must be brewed at between 20 – 30 seconds to achieve the perfect flavour. Less than that, it has no body, more than that, it will have a bitter aftertaste.

Milky Goodness

The texture of the milk foam on cappuccinos should be finely textured (dense) so that the foam lasts until the final sip.

Beans Are Key

Ultimately it’s all about the beans. Thanks to several coffee roasteries in Durban, local coffee drinkers can be assured of freshly roasted coffee beans that haven’t  been prepacked in some far off country and stored in huge warehouses. Coffee beans are at their best for about fifteen days after they have been roasted – but can still be flavourful for thirty days post-roast. After this period, they lose flavour. So support locally roasted beans and roasters. 

Barista Is King

And it’s all about the barista, too. Making good coffee is an art, and a profession - which is why baristas have to be trained. A good barista can make a huge difference to what you are drinking. Find the barista that makes coffee that soothes your soul  and support him or her.