Vegan fried egg toast. Picture: Supplied
Vegan fried egg toast. Picture: Supplied

5 vegan-friendly remakes of your favourite comfort foods

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Nov 18, 2020

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We all have foods that we love and that we will continue to eat until the end of time. But, for some people, the shift to a vegan lifestyle can make that list of favourite foods seem too far out of the range of possibility.

Luckily, there are several different alternatives to foods that can be made at home and can still be delicious, even without any animal products.

Veggie "hotdogs"

You can replace the meaty wors at your next braai with carrots for a tasty vegetarian twist.

Char (either on the grill or under the broiler) and steam them, and then peel off the skins. They end up nicely cooked, making them perfect for a cookout. Choose the largest, thickest carrots you can find; they shrink during cooking, and you can always trim the narrow end to fit the bun. You can serve these carrot dogs in buns with the toppings such as vegetarian chilli, cheddar, chopped onion, pickles or relish, tomato sauce, and spicy mustard.

Baked cauliflower wings

Baked cauliflower wings make the perfect vegetarian substitute for crispy hot wings. This is the best way to include cauliflower in your family’s diet. Although they are super low in calories, cauliflower wings are surprisingly addictive. If there are cauliflower haters around you, give them a batch of these spicy “wings” and see how they change their minds.

Vegan big mac

This delicious vegan big mac McDonald’s replica can be made in 10 minutes at home using easy to find ingredients. Anyone in your household will find this burger tasty with my vegan big mac sauce included. If you have non-vegans in your household, it’s quicker to make this vegan big mac at home than it is driving and waiting in line to order a non-vegan McDonalds’ big mac (not to mention healthier, fewer calories, cheaper, and better for the environment).

Vegan fried egg toast. Picture: Supplied

Vegan fried egg

In 2018, Australian dietitian, Ellie Bullen, who regularly posts plant-based recipes on her blog Elsa's Wholesome Life, shared a recipe for a "vegan fried egg" on her YouTube channel which got people talking. Bullen wrote in her blog that not only is the recipe just a fun science experiment in the kitchen but also fun for vegans who miss the classic ‘egg on toast’ or the many children who suffer from egg allergies.

The ‘green boerewors’ that has been making the rounds are green herbs and vegetables that have been stuffed in sausage casings. Picture from Twitter

Vegan boerewors

This week, a “green boerewors” has been making the rounds on social media.

It is almost the festive season and it is the season where people get together and braai with family and friends, and vegans do not want to be left behind this time, as “green boerewors” started to make the rounds on social media this week. The “green boerewors” that has been making the rounds are green herbs and vegetables that have been stuffed in sausage casings.

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