Today is World Porridge Day.

Today is World Porridge Day, an international event related to porridge.

The first porridge day was held in 2009. 

The event is organized to raise funds for the charity Mary’s Meals, based in Argyll, Scotland to aid starving children in developing countries.

In celebration of this day, we have asked the Executive Culinary Artist from Granny Mouse and Spa, Wayland Green about tips on how to make porridge fun and enjoyable and below is what he said.  

Porridge with stewed fruit. Fotolia

Stew things up a bit

How about mixed stewed fruit in your porridge instead of yoghurt? Something to fill you up and still be a light meal for the morning.

From a Zulu kids taste bud

Banana and peanut butter. This sounds very interesting as banana and peanut butter go well together. So why not add it to your porridge?

Some healthy thinking and tasty 

Add some freshly sliced apples, cinnamon and a bit of honey, as if you were eating oats.

Peanut butter and banana porridge.

Old favourite: Tangy yet sweet

Squeeze if fresh lemon juice and sugar should get your taste buds going early in the morning.

Wild side 

When we braai we proudly eat pap and chakalaka. So why not change it to work for breakfast? Porridge and shakshuka, it’s got the flavours of a braai but the idea of breakfast in mind with chorizo added in for fun.