Frog on a stick. Picture: Instagram (Tasha Harrington)
Frog on a stick. Picture: Instagram (Tasha Harrington)

5 weird food delicacies from around the world

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published May 10, 2021

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Many of us dream of travelling around the world, visiting new places, tasting new food and meeting new people.

Travelling and eating out is fun and it is exciting to introduce new tastes to our taste buds. The foods eaten vary among countries and communities. Foods that we might find weird, others see as a delicacy.

Doing some research about the foods of a country you’re planning to visit could be an advantage and help you find the food that you can enjoy.

We take a look at some of the weird foods from around the world, which can be categorised as “dare to eat”, because either they might be made up of alive animals or the main ingredient of the dish is something hard to swallow.

Are you daring enough to try these bizarre dishes from around the globe?

Snake wine from Vietnam

Said to have medicinal properties, the strong cocktail is best downed quickly. It it made from snake blood and is a bottled with a snake inside and, occasionally, other creatures, like scorpions.

100-year-old eggs from Hong Kong

The recipe involves burying a duck or quail egg in a clay, sand and salt mixture for a couple of months. Once the shell turns brown-black, the potent dark green yolk is eaten. Beware, it’s often found sliced up in noodle dishes.

Ostrich from South Africa

Low in cholesterol and considered healthier than other meats, ostrich meat and eggs are becoming more and more popular all over the world. Everything from ostrich burgers to omelettes made from the bird’s eggs is turning up on menus.

Blood pudding from the UK

Blood pudding has its origins in the UK and Ireland. It is made from pig’s blood, thickeners such as bread crumbs, pork fat and beef suet. The finished product is said to be delicious.

Frog on a stick from Malaysia

Why settle for an ice lolly when you can shove a frog on a stick? People who have eaten it say it tastes like chicken. The thing is, it is not chicken, is it? It is a deep-fried frog on a stick.

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