Chocolate coated fried chicken. Picture: Twitter
Chocolate coated fried chicken. Picture: Twitter

6 over-the-top food trends that need to stop ASAP

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published May 12, 2021

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2020 has been a rough year in pretty much every aspect of life, and food is no exception.

And while we are totally on board with many of the culinary trends of the year, there were more than a few food trend disasters that we really hope disappear before 2022.

From chocolate coated fried chicken to kiwi pizza, here are six examples of some of the worst food trends to recently hit the internet that need to be stopped.

Chocolate coated fried chicken

Fried chicken is delicious but dipping it in chocolate before frying the juicy pieces of it is not.

Absolutely not. To make the dish, the Twitter user baked chicken drumsticks and dipped them in a chocolate batter and thereafter, fried the chicken pieces in hot oil.

We will leave it at that.

Deep-fried everything

Discovering that we could pretty much deep-fry anything and everything set the trend for the 21st century.

Aside from your classic onion rings, chips, and chicken, some notable strange things that people fry include: beer, Oreos, pizza, and even water.

Last year, a Facebook page posted a picture of a plate of breyani served with a layer of Nutella chocolate spread on top of it.

Breyani is love. So is chocolate. But, a mixture of both is nothing but a horrific idea.

Glitter food

Let’s hope that the only glitter we see next year stays at party venues and on holiday decorations.

Liquid nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen looks cool, but it’s not worth an unprepared trip to the hospital.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), liquid nitrogen-infused foods and beverages should be avoided at all costs.

The FDA once released an official warning notifying people that eating, drinking, or handling products prepared with liquid nitrogen could cause severe, even life-threatening, injuries.

Kiwi pizza

2020 started with a picture of kiwi pizza that went viral in January.

The image featured a large cheese pizza layered with tomato sauce and loads of mozzarella cheese and kiwi for topping.

Do you hate pineapple pizza? If yes, what about this?

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