Hot Cross Buns are an Easter tradition. Pic - Henk Kruger
Hot Cross Buns are an Easter tradition. Pic - Henk Kruger
Pic: Henk Kruger
Pic: Henk Kruger

It’s that time of the year again when the aroma of freshly baked Hot Cross Buns fills the air when you walk into your favourite retailer.

The raisin and currant filled buns are a Easter tradition and thousands of Hot Cross Buns will be sold and in the days before Easter and on Good Friday.

Here is a great guide to what you can expect from the bakeries of the supermarkets this Easter.

Checkers & Shoprite Traditional Hot Cross Buns: R14,99

This traditional Hot Cross Bun is not spicy at all but is packed with currents. It’s a nice texture, a light consistency and very flavourful. The raisins are evenly distributed and not sharp or too sweet.

Other options available are a Hot Cross Bun inspired muffin, a Hot Cross Loaf and mini bite-sized Hot Cross Buns which are the perfect tea time treat.

Spar Traditional Hot Cross Buns: R 16,99

A sweeter Hot Cross Bun because of the glaze on the Hot Cross Bun. It’s a close consistency which means that there are large gaps where none of the raisins have been distributed into the mixture. The spice is very light which makes it somewhat flavourless in parts of the bun.

Pick n Pay Traditional Hot Cross Buns: R 14,99

A larger bun, given to the full rise of the dough. It’s soft and light and has an array of spices which you can smell before you take the first bite. A tasty bun with a slighter dark texture and a nice balance of raisins.

Other varieties include a cranberry and a chocolate Hot Cross Bun

Food Lover’s Market Traditional Hot Cros Bunns: R14,99

A very shiny glaze and a great looking Hot Cross Bun, bursting with raisins all round. The spices are prominent and full of flavour and the bun is soft and almost bounces back when pinched. It has a cake like texture.

Options include a chocolate and extra spicy Hot Cross Bun

Pic: Henk Kruger

Woolworths Traditional Hot Cross Bun: R21,99

This bun is packed with raisins and has the most distinctive white cross on it and a brown colouring. It has a unique aroma and is quite sweet but the balance of spices is just right. It’s soft and tasty.

Other varieties include apricot and white chocolate, extra spicy and chocolate Hot Cross Buns.

Game/ Corner Bakery Traditional Hot Cross Buns: R16,00

A dark and heavy Hot Cross Bun that was hard and not enjoyable. It’s over spiced and dry with raisin that are as dry as the dough.