A daily diet of smoothies has been found to help couples start a family.

A specially made fruit smoothie drink containing vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acid raises the chances by 4.3 per cent, a British study has found.

The boost it gives sperm and womb quality helps the equivalent of one extra woman in every 23 become pregnant through IVF.

Researchers, who presented their study to the conference, say the drink will also work for couples trying naturally for a child. 
Although the clementine-flavoured smoothies were made specially by scientists, men and women could get the same effect by eating a portion of salmon and taking a single supplement dose of vitamin D.

However, the study found that couples who had to drink the smoothies for six weeks before IVF remembered to do so, but they might forget a tablet or fail to follow a healthy diet. 
The study of 102 couples was led by Southampton University.

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