A new gin, the Malfy Con Arancia. Instagram

Premium drinks company Truman & Orange has got us ready for summer with the launch of their latest offering from the Vergnano family’s traditional pot stills — Malfy Con Arancia.

This gin, the Malfy Con Arancia is distilled with Sicilian blood oranges. 

The bottle is quite eye-catching and is decorated with traditional Italian glass painting techniques — the gin itself is a deep ruby red.

Founding owner of Truman & Orange, Rowan Leibbrandt says they couldn’t resist not only the colour but also the flavours of this new Malfy variant.

“Malfy Con Arancia is perfectly balanced allowing the delicious botanical flavours to underpin Malfy’s gentle juniper. We know that with so much choice in the gin category, the product has to offer something truly special for South Africans to try it and we’re confident that Malfy Con Arancia does exactly that,” he says.

Malfy Gin with Lemonade shared with colleagues. Picture by Buhle Mbonambi

So I put the gin to the test and poured a drink for my colleagues, who are not shy to share their opinions:

Clinton Moodley enjoyed the gin with ginger ale, lemonade and dry lemon and says

  • "The gin was refreshing with the ginger ale tonic. The ginger goes well with the citrus."
  • "The dry lemon flavour is nice and strong on the palette."

Sacha Van Niekerk enjoyed the gin with tonic water.

  • "The bitterness of the tonic water complements the citrus flavour of the blood orange gin."

Liam Joyce enjoyed the gin with lemonade saying its better tasting than the rest.

  • "This is a fun gin to try out but I still prefer the normal gin as it’s easy; this one is not as it’s very hard to mix it with other flavours so you can get a good taste."

And as for me, I enjoyed it more with the dry lemon. I first tried it neat and discovered that the gin packs quite a punch so I’d strongly recommend adding in a mixer so you can get the perfect serve.