Lucia Mthiyane. Picture: Supplied
Lucia Mthiyane. Picture: Supplied

Actress Lucia Mthiyane to release her first cookbook

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published May 31, 2020

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Television personality and chef Lucia Mthiyane is set to release her new cookbook titled ‘Kitchen Queen’. 

The foodie has, for the past decade, been a fixture in the culinary industry and has built a brand as a credible cook and celebrity chef. In Kitchen Queen, Mthiyane will be sharing her favourite and most reposted recipes, while weaving together her life story and her unique take on food.

“My culinary journey has been truly amazing, full of highs and my name is well known and respected in the culinary streets. The greatest experiences will have to be when I had to cook live on for the first time. It was nerve-wracking because anything could go wrong and it's all live, but I got the hang of it and became a pro. 

"Another highlight in my culinary career is when I became a food editor for a lifestyle magazine. I pioneered cooking classes when no one else was doing it and I have since collaborated with the biggest food brands and I have gained a lot of respect from being a judge for some prominent TV cooking competition shows like KFC TASTE and Top Chef South Africa,” she said. 

Speaking about her new cookbook, Mthiyane said it has always been in her head, that one day she would share her colourful culinary journey with the world. 

“I didn't really have a defining moment regarding writing a book, I had all these dishes I had been cooking over the years and being enjoyed by my family and friends and I had always known in the back of my mind that one day I will pen down a cookbook. 

"If you have a look at my book cover you will see that I am wearing a pair of wooden African earrings, it was a gift from a dear friend Soleil, inside the box was an engraved note written; ‘To Lucia Mthiyane African Queen'. That was an aha moment and my publisher (Lindy Samery) both agreed that we would call the book ‘Kitchen Queen’. Plus a few of my social media followers were already calling me the kitchen queen when they were begging me to share my recipes,” she said. 

Lucia Mthiyane. Picture taken from the Kitchen Queen by Lucia Mthiyane

Mthiyane said they have used really cool illustrations in all the book's chapters. She has also included a  few chapters that will surprise her readers like foods that benefit your skin and hair and also the intersection of music and food. 

The ‘Kitchen Queen’ cookbook will be available next month and will retail at a price of R375 per copy. 

Scan on the QR Code or click here to place your order on for R279.

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