AKA. Picture: Twitter

Appearing on the "Power Lunch" show on CNBC Africa on Tuesday, AKA along with CEO of Chilewe Brands Global, Mike Chilewe have announced that they have officially signed a distribution deal for WWE branded snacks on the African continent. 

The duo shared the news of their new listing deal with the WWE and shared the process of getting the licence and why they decided to partner up for the new business venture.

In the video segment, AKA states that he is responsible for the brand and marketing management of the product while Chilewe Brands Global handles the distribution and production. 

Speaking on why the "Fela in Versace" rapper got involved he said: "I'm a big wrestling fan and it's always been a big part of my childhood. So when a opportunity like this comes around I really jumped at it."

Chilewe said that when they were looking for someone to partner with the new venture AKA was the first person that came to mind. 

Watch the full segment below: