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Ever heard of the saying “out with the old, in with the new”? That’s seemingly what’s happening among sparkling frizzante’s these days.
Not so long ladies were crazy over the sparkling wine cocktail, Ice-Tropez, flaunting it all over social media, making sure it does not leave their hands just for people to see what they are drinking. 

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As it was bound to happen, Ice-Tropez soon lost favour, after it received a lot of backlash because it wasn't a tasty drink anymore and people were looking for the next trendy drink to be seen with at parties. Hence not so many people talking about it anymore. 
There's a 'new' drink in trend and it's the Bernini.  

The sparkling wine is expected to be a hit this summer. I have already spotted a number of ladies proudly drinking and talking about the drink at events and at the club.  
Frizzantes became popular in the Northern Hemisphere last year, especially in the UK, when the country had a Prosecco shortage. It was the next best thing for many young fans of sparkling drinks. Frizzante wines have small bubbles which help mask the wine's sweetness and are considered slightly less effervescent than champagne. With it being cheaper than bubbly, it wont be a surprise if more people take to it. 
The Bernini Ruby Berry is, well, ruby red. It comes in a slim 275ml bottle and has a 4.5% ABV. As I have come to learn with alcohol beverages, it's and best served cold. I tried it at room temperature and it wasn't bad. But it's only when I had it how it was meant to be served, chilled, did I enjoy it even more.  The frizzante, which is grape flavoured, tasted great. It wasn't  sweet nor was it bitter; it had a refreshing taste with a delicious smell. 

If the Bernini Ruby Berry does not do it for you, you can also choose from having the Blush which has a grape flavour or the Classic which also has a grape flavour with a hint of honey. 
Both these have a 5% ABV. 

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Update: We have updated the article, amending the name of the drink from Bernini Ruby Red to Bernini Ruby Berry.