Are you brave enough for home-made Amarula or Hunter's Dry?
When I was 14, a neighbour excited all the kids in the neighbourhood when she revealed that she could make home-made Tropika. 
Now think about it. I hardly ever had any money, Tropika was a guilty pleasure (I wasn't allowed to drink anything sugary sweet) and it only cost R1 a cup. It was a bargain. 

So off we went to queue at her house, ready to have our fix of home-made dairy juice.
We all waited for everyone to purchase before sipping at the same time.
It was terrible. 

 If only we had asked one person to first taste it to see if it was worth us spending a rand on it. Of course not everyone hated it. I was one of the few. I didn't even finish the concoction and I stayed away from my neighbour and her food adventures. 

A few days ago I came across tweets of people sharing recipes of home-made Amarula and Hunter's Dry. 

'WTF?' Was my first reaction and I immediately recalled 14 year old me disgusted by the fake Tropika.  And then I started laughing.  People are really creative and would do anything to trend on social media. 

So, are you brave enough to try these recipes? It will only take you a week to brew. 

Hunter's Dry 
Amarula I suggest you don't try these recipes. From my experience, they never work. 

The things that Janu-Worry makes people do? *claps once*