Eggs. Picture: Supplied
Eggs. Picture: Supplied

Are you brave enough to try these 6 strange pizza toppings?

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Jan 20, 2020

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There is no stopping the weird food trends this year too.

Earlier this month, food lovers were left horrified after a pizza with kiwis as a topping went viral on Twitter. 

I have also seen a lot of strange creations over the years, but kiwifruit pizza? Looking at the pizza, it seems like it has just got the fruit, cheese, a tomato base and potentially some ham slices. 

Kiwifruit. Picture: Twitter

The post has been doing the rounds online and generally causing a storm of outrage and disgust, but there are also some people loving it. 

@_MikeMoss said, “I've been saying for years... The pineapple was just a gateway topping. Now, look where we are…”

@FunkyToTheBone said, “They said they would be happy with pineapple. I told y'all it was the beginning of the end.” 

As many people were disgusted, @FomentLiberty thought it was awesome.

“Sorry, but it looks possibly awesome. That's the beauty of pizza; it's both nature's most perfect food and comes in endless varieties,” said the user. 

While the addition of ingredients such as kiwi may be mocked in certain places, other shocking toppings would outrage anyone who has the slightest respect for the Italian dish. 

Here are some of the toppings. 

Pineapple. Picture: Supplied


People have had strong opinions on it saying it should stay off pizza for many reasons. One was that the sweet taste of pineapple just does not belong on pizza and that compared to most other pizza toppings, pineapple contains a lot more moisture than usual, and that extra moisture can infiltrate the other toppings and seep down into the crust, making it soggy. 

Eggs. Picture: Supplied


I love eggs, but I think they should keep away from any pizzeria. According to Daily Mail, it is common for Australians to include an egg in their pizzas usually with some pork sausage, cheese, and dried herbs. But according to some people, this combination should strictly be saved for an omelette, not a pizza or burger. 

Spinach. Picture: Supplied


This is one of the worst pizza toppings I have heard about. Most people say spinach pizza is healthy but most of us do not order pizza when we want a healthy meal. Thrillist reports even pizza masters find themselves in disagreement over whether spinach belongs on a pizza. 

Strawberries. Picture: Twitter


There is another pizza topping causing meltdowns left, right and centre, which is strawberries. A picture of the pizza was shared on Twitter three-years-ago by a user called Moon Emoji. 

The picture shows a full-on, greasy, savoury pizza with melted mozzarella and chopped up strawberry baked right in with the cheese. Judging from people's responses to the tweet, it seems that there is a list of fruits that most people agree are acceptable pizza toppings but strawberries are just wrong.

Sardines. Picture: Supplied


This is another heavy controversial topping. According to experts, a large problem with any sardine pizza is a simple fact that it is a seafood pizza. 

They say when it comes to a traditional savory pizza, most people opt for land meat, like pepperoni, sausage, or bacon, and that seafood is an entirely different form of meat, and often requires you to be in the mood for it. 

They add that making the topping even more polarizing is the fact that the fish is a sardine, which many people have an innate aversion to sardines, even if they have never tried them. 

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