A German athlete was banned for eating too much sushi. Pexels

I love all-you-can-eat buffets, but they are often the eateries that win at the end of a meal and make you feel defeated.   

I was shocked to come across an incident while trolling the internet where it was vice – versa, and a stumbled across an incident where a diner defeated the restaurant to a point where he even got banned for too much.    

According to The Local, an international digital news publisher, a German athlete by the name of Jaroslav Bobrowski, 30, visited an all–you–can-eat sushi restaurant named Running Sushi in Landshut, Bavaria two weeks ago and ate close to 100 plates of sushi, sending the restaurant into a state of alarm.  

It's reported that Bobrowski is used to eating generous portions to gain enough energy for his athletic pursuits. Yet the restaurant found his diet bad for their business.

“He eats for five people. That is not normal,” its owner told the Passauer Neue Presse, a German newspaper.    

The athlete told The Local that he has a special diet, in which he doesn’t eat for 20 hours, and then eat “until I’m full”. And at the restaurant, that meant eating almost 100 plates of sushi one evening.  

The Local said finding Bobrowski’s habits too expensive for their business, the chef and owner of the restaurant personally told him he is now prohibited from returning.

Bobrowski says that when he went to the checkout, he wanted to tip but the waiter did not want to accept that. Instead, he was discreetly told by the restaurant’s owner and chef that he was banned from now on because he’s eating too much.

They also stated that in an interview with Bobrowski – who stands at 172 centimetres and weighs 79 kilograms feels he works off his mountainous hunger, keeping his body fat "less than ten percent,” as it should be, he says.

Stern, a news magazine also reported that Bobrowski had been a regular guest at Running Sushi, also eating generous portions of sushi, though it was not until his last and hungriest visit that the restaurant drew the line.