London - Bacon has topped a list of Britain’s favourite foods, ahead of chicken, chocolate and steak.

One in ten people said bacon was their preferred choice in a survey to find the top 100.

The list ranges from the everyday – baked beans, jam and apples – to more exotic foods including sushi and spices such as ginger.

Meat dominated the top ten, with chicken, steak, beef and lamb all featuring.

And the research, commissioned by the Food Network UK digital television channel, found that the banana is Britain’s favourite fruit.

It featured at number eight on the list, ahead of apples at number ten.

Asparagus is our preferred vegetable, at number 14, with artichokes second at number 19.

The study of 2,000 adults also suggests that we are not – as is commonly assumed – a nation of sweet tooths.

Ice cream, the top ranked dessert, was down in 27th place.

Salmon was the top fish, in 15th, ahead of anchovies in 24th. More than two thirds said their favourite food has been the same for the last ten years.

And a third claim they could eat it every day without tiring of it. Traditional British fare features heavily on the list, with two thirds claiming they consume more than ten years ago.

Food Network UK chef Andy Bates said: “The study shows we tend to be quite traditional and safe with our tastes, leaning towards ingredients considered staples rather than more unusual, luxury ingredients.

“But we also favour those that are affordable, simple and versatile.”

The top 20 were:

1 Bacon;

2 Chicken;

3 Chocolate;

4 Steak;

5 Beef;

6 Lamb;

7 Bread;

8 Banana;

9 Baked beans;

10 Apple;

11 Strawberries;

12 Avocado;

13 Pasta;

14 Asparagus;

15 Salmon;

16 Duck;

17 Prawns;

18 Apricots;

19 Artichokes;

20 Blue cheese. - Daily Mail