Christmas is just around the corner. Here are the perfect Christmas gifts when it comes to baking.

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s seen as a day for more baking and gift giving.  

Speaking to food blogger and founder of The Kate Tin, Katelyn Williams these are the great Christmas selection of gifts you can get yourself or a loved one who loves baking this holiday.

A revolving cake decorating stand.

A revolving cake decorating stand

You absolutely can’t get a sharp edge on your cakes without one. Try get one of the pretty ones which doubles as a server.

Silicon baking reusable mats 

These are great for everything from cookies to sweets and I love that they are reusable (unlike baking paper).

Silicon baking reusable mats.

Le Creuset non-stick bake-ware

This is the kind of thing you’ll never splurge on yourself but they are so worth it, but its a gift of love.

Kitchen scale.


A scale will really change any bakers life and take your baking to the next level.

‘Chocolate’ cookbook 

Katelyn Williams' book Chocolate will inspire any baker to innovate in the kitchen. The book has beautiful, delicious and easy bakes for you to try at home. It is available online and retails for R299.