Having her cake AND eating it! Beyoncé celebrating her 32nd birthday and the success of her self-titled album. PICTURE: Beyonce/Instagram

Happy Birthday, @Beyonce! We hope you enjoyed this custom geode cake at your party last night!!

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Beyoncé Knowles-Carter celebrated her 36th birthday on Monday. Officially now known as #BeyDay in the world of pop music, September 4th is always a major celebration, where fans and celebrities make sure that they pay their respects to the award-winning musician and philanthropist. 

What's a birthday without cake? The singer shelled out $3500 for a black gold geode cake (a big trend this year), from Philadedelphia based cake merchants, Cake Life. Inspired by her performance outfit at this year's Grammy Awards, where she wore a gold dress and had an elaborate headdress, the three tier cake had it's own crown- a gold fan-like crown. The geode effect added to the allure of the cake and fans can't stop raving about how perfect it was. 
Beyoncé performs while heavily pregnant at the 59th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles earlier this year. Picture: Getty
According to Teen Vogue, the bakers didn't even know they were making a cake for Beyoncé. Lilly Fischer, the shop's co-owner, reportedly got a "mysterious" request to create a black and yellow layer cake in the popular geode style that was to be delivered to the music festival. She apparently did a bit of digging, and eventually realized who the request had come from. "It was pretty amazing. Everyone here knows that I love Beyoncé…pretty much the whole week we just blasted Beyoncé.”

Geode cakes are a popular cake trend in 2017. A geode cake is hollowed out and decorated with sugar crystals in the colours of amethyst, turquoise and semi precious stone colours. Earlier this year, Joanne Strydom, of Durban’s Custom Cakes by Joanne, told IOL Lifestyle: "the geode cake is very big in the cake world right now. Whether this will filter through to South Africa remains to be seen." 

Interested in how this cake is made? Check this video, below:

 Beyoncé is the gift that keeps giving!