Biltong is one of the healthiest snacks for weight loss.
Biltong is one of the healthiest snacks for weight loss.

Biltong: South Africa’s best weight-loss snack

Time of article published Jan 28, 2017

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When you’re chained to your desk having missed lunch to finish a report  for a client, it can be tempting to head down to the nearest corner café 
and bury your face in the chocolate aisle.

And as for the myriad snacks professing to be healthy (from yoghurt  treats to granola bars and everything in between). are they really so 
good after all?

We chatted to Maxime Eon, founder of  Biltong Board, about why South Africa’s  staple food is one of the most  underrated weight-loss aides of all. Max  has started to deliver  carefully-packed uncut meat to  subscribers’ doors monthly, and he  believes that a mind-set shift will help  us all shed the pounds. 
Biltong  isn’t just a throwaway snack. It’s a true  superfood.

It’s quick and easy, and fills you up   “To really curb a craving for food, you  need something high in protein,” Eon  says. “Biltong is packed with proteins, 
and better yet, low in sugar.” It’s also  not a carbohydrate, which means it’s absorbed slowly and keeps you  feeling fuller for longer.

Biltong tastes great too, and thanks to the curing process, can be  infused with a variety of herbs. What you get then is a fast, easily- accessible snack that keeps your body satiated for hours, not minutes.

  It’s nutritious

Biltong’s history is inexorably tied to the history of South Africa. When  the early settlers arrived, they needed a way of storing  their meat lest it went off!

Thus, the curing process was formed, a century-old method passed  down the generations and designed to preserve the integrity of the meat.
The protein-rich super snack that results is perfect for diabetics or the  gluten intolerant. It’s also naturally high in creatine (who would have 
thought?) which boosts muscle growth, making it a natural snack for  athletes.

It’s versatile

Biltong’s natural spices and flavours make it a versatile snack. “I have many clients,” says Eon, “who toss it together with a salad for a 
delicious healthy snack.” 
Others prefer to eat it on-the- go on its own.

Biltong is cured in vinegar and salt and left to air naturally, so it lends  itself to a variety of flavours. One of the  most popular flavours, chilli biltong, puts an extra pep in  your step. chilli is good for your digestion and speeds up your  metabolism.

It’s not beef jerky

To compare biltong with beef jerky is tantamount to sacrilege. Plus, it’s a  mistake, because the two - while distant cousins - are very different  indeed.  Jerky is cooked in a dehydrator for 6-12 hours and p reservatives are added. The result is a snack high in salt, stripped of the  natural goodness in the meat.

By contrast, biltong is given as long as a week to dry naturally, and  cured using vinegar and spices, resulting in lower salt content and a  more protein-rich meal.

Max believes biltong item has been overlooked by many wight loss experts, b ut next to a sugar-rich  yoghurt bar, there’s only one clear winner.

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