If you’ve dined at an eatery considered to be on trend, you may have had a meal served up on piece of tile or slate, in a glass jar, on a wooden slab maybe.

Now while this kind of presentation may excite the eye, which is where your dining experience begins, there is a school of foodies out there who’re longing to #BringBackThePlate!

And after seeing some of what's out there – trend wise apparently – we can understand why!

Here's a look at some of the serving trends captured by the Twitter Group @WeWantPlates

Mash and gravy... in a cocktail glass!

A scientific experiment gone wrong?

Your eyes do not deceive you, that is indeed a dustpan!

dessert in an ashtray... I think not!

A maybe less extreme idea, and one commonly used, is to serve food up on a plank. This is a classic example of why plank, bark, chopping board, slate, tiles and other flat surfaces DON'T work!


It's a NO from me!


And the winner for the serving style that should definitely be left swimming with the fishes is...