Burger King in Sweden is now using the term Big Mac. Twitter

There's no love lost between fast food outlets McDonald's and Burger King, but in Sweden the rivalry has been taken to new heights.

It all started when McDonald's decided to sue the lesser known burger joint Supermacs, for using the term Mac. 

It all went wrong for them though when the European Union Intellectual Property Office found in Supermac's favour. Now that anyone can use the term Big Mac, Burger King decided to rub salt in their rival's advertising wound and it has hilarious consequences.

In the Swedish ad campaign,customers can be seen trying to choose between “The Burger the Big Mac wished it was” and “Like a Big Mac, but actually big” which is what Burger King renamed it's burgers to.

You can also choose a “Kind of Like a Big Mac But Juicier and Tastier”, and “Big Mac-ish But Flame-Grilled of Course.” 

Iwo Zakowski the CEO of Burger King Sweden has been quoted as saying:“McDonald’s just lost its trademark for the Big Mac for suing a much smaller player … it’s too much fun for us to stay away.”