Mermaid Croissant PICTURE:Bam Bam Bakehouse
Pop culture is fixated on the gorgeous fantasy creature that wields a colourful tail, and now the mermaid fascination has even trickled down to the food industry.

One cafe on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, has re-imagined mermaids in croissant form, complete with blue pastry and explosive cream centres.

Bam Bam Bakehouse introduced the decadent treat a couple of weeks ago with roaring success. The bright blue croissant is created using blue algae - a super food that is slowly becoming a staple in wholefood cafes.

The powder is rolled into the pastry before baking and once cooked a bright blue baby is born.

Bam Bam Bakehouse told FEMAIL that in the beginning they had two variations that people could buy: one with a pink fairy floss cream filling or another with white Chantilly cream.

'It's a photogenic product that tastes good as well,' a Bam Bam spokesperson explained. 

'The business is about the croissant, so we thought it would be cool to make a croissant using the super food.'


Once you tear open the parcel of fun you are met with the white or pink filling that stands out against the blue pastry. Of course these goodies wouldn't be complete without an appropriate amount of glitter sprinkled on top. 

 Unfortunately the croissant isn't a staple of the cafe but a special offer they do over the weekends. In order to get your hands on the magical baked good you have to pre-order one online and pick it up in store as they are only able to make a certain amount at any one time. 

 The delicious treats encompass flour and butter from France and it takes the cafe three whole days to create their croissants.  

'We made them a few weekends in a row then we posted a photo about it online during the week and it went absolutely gangbusters,' the cafe said.  

It seems appropriate that a cafe located in Mermaid Beach is selling mermaid-related treats and the croissants will be available to preorder one last time this Saturday. 

The team at Bam Bam Bakehouse are constantly coming up with fun new ideas for their customers.