Cape, Curry & Koesisters (Afrikaans version is Kaap, Kerrie & Koesisters). Picture by NB Publishers

If you're searching for a taste of Cape Malay food then look no further than "Cape, Curry & Koesisters" (Afrikaans version is Kaap, Kerrie & Koesisters).

The Sydow sisters popular TV of the same name was the catalyst for publishing the book to share recipes and cooking hacks with the world.

Cape Malay flavours are spicy, savoury and unique to the Mother City which is why the Sydow sisters have started at their childhood home on the Cape Flats to take us on an educational cooking journey.

Fatima Sydow and her sister Gadija Sydow Noordien at their cookbook launch. Picture from Facebook.

NB Publishers have described the book as "a Cape Malay food trip, which is also a journey of life, as the recipes are linked with memories of their childhood on the Cape Flats. 

They believe in home cooking and recipes that are quick, easy and affordable. Easy, yet never boring, there's something for every taste and every occasion. Try your hand at their curries with sambals on the side and dhaltjies for a bit of bite."