The Giemba Burger is a Cape Town original - Twitter
This is a food day worth celebrating — #WorldBurgerDay 

Although we are in the grips of a cold spell in SA and everyone is reaching for their soups and stews, burgers remain a comfort food.

Americans marked #WorldBurgerDay yesterday and it's truly a day worth celebrating.

For true burger inspiration with a healthy dose of Cape Town flavour rapper Youngsta CPT and the team at Brocka in Canal Walk have the perfect meal.

Earlier this year they teamed up to create a very special and tasty burger.

The Giemba Burger is best described as a gatsby on a bun, and it's such a mouthful you might just want to cut it into four and share with others - just as you would with the original gatsby.

Piled onto your burger patties are chips and onion rings as well as the Brocka sauces with all their trademark smokey flavours.

A few months ago when the burger debuted on the menu, Youngsta CPT challenged everyone with a healthy appetite to a try and beat his time and gobble up a Giemba burger faster than him.

Marking #WorldBurgerDay is the perfect time to chow down on the Giemba Burger and thankfully it's still on the menu at Brocka.