Celebrate world chocolate day at Huguenot Fine Chocolates. Picture: Juanne McNaught

World Chocolate Day is on Saturday and chocolate lovers around the world are gearing up to celebrate the sweetest day of the year.

What better way to celebrate than to unleash the chocoholic in you and indulge in this much loved sweet treat.

Chocolate doesn’t only taste great, but it’s versatility makes is the perfect for pairing with almost anything.

The humble chocolate has changed in many ways over the years, forcing chocolatiers to keep up with the trends.

Denver Adonis and Danver Windvogel, the owners of Huguenot Fine Chocolates knows that chocolate is no longer just dark, mild and white, but comes in an array of flavours and colours. 

Made with imported Belgian chocolate, their interesting flavour combinations prove just how versatile chocolate can be. Their chocolate boutique, located in Main Road, Franschhoek, offers a range of chocolates including sugar-free Belgian milk chocolate, roasted coconut and curry leaf milk chocolate and an assortment of dark and milk chocolate.

Huguenot Fine Chocolates owners, Denver Adonis and Danver Windvogel.

In August the makers of Belgian chocolates, based in Franschhoek, will launch a ruby chocolate which is made from a cocoa bean that naturally produces pink chocolate and tastes like berries.

This is said to be the first ‘new chocolate’ type since 1910 and the experts predicts it’s going to popular around the world.

Celebrate World Chocolate Day at Huguenot Fine Chocolates in Franschhoek with a series of chocolate tastings, demonstrations and talks. Picture: Supplied

If you are planning to host a chocolate soirée this weekend, Denver and Danver share a few tips on exciting ways to enjoy chocolate:

  • Add chopped chocolate to hot milk to make real hot chocolate.
  • Be brave and try salted caramel, different chocolates of origin, chocolate with rosemary, ‘South African’ fillings like rooibos and milk tart.
  • Try spicy chocolates in flavours like marsala, curry and chilli. For more extreme versions there is balsamic, biltong and matcha – a kind of healthy tea.
  • Candied lemon rind in white chocolate and South Africa’s wonderful glace fruit like orange rings, ginger and figs in milk and dark chocolate are delicious.
  • You can brush (or use your finger) to coat the inside of non-stick muffin pans to make chocolate cups (sensational filled with ice-cream) or melt chocolate and pour over cookies, biscuits and cakes.
  • The number of variations and uses is as big as your imagination. So go and buy yourself a few. Golden rule : one a day, two on Saturdays. That’s if you have will-power.
July 7 is World Chocolate Day. Picture: Supplied

On Saturday Huguenot Fine Chocolates will mark World Chocolate Day by hosting a series of chocolate tastings, demonstrations and talks.

For further information Contact Danver or Denver on 021 876 4096 or email [email protected]