Chef Nti will be enhancing her knowledge of food as well as taking SA cuisine to the world.
Chef Nti (real name Nthabiseng Nti Ramaboa) oozes creativity in the kitchen as well as with her wardrobe.

Rather than be dismissive of culinary dishes that are unique to South African culture, she has chosen to be innovative with them. This explains why her cooking show, The Perfect Ace, was loved by viewers.

She generated much excitement around everyday staples.

This skill is largely informed by her sponge-like personality when it comes to all things culinary-related as well as an adventurous streak to marry innovation with flavours.

Soon, she will be in the kitchen of Miami’s La Petite Maison, which earned a coveted Michelin star.

She explains: “Well, that came from my interactions with Nigeria. I just came back from there after judging the African Young Chef competition. There were chefs, including judges and mentors, from all over the continent there. The people I was interacting with have built up to this.”

Chef Nti continues: “I’m going to be an understudy at this French bistro, which is originally from Nice. They have a global brand, one in Mayfair, London, another in Miami and Dubai. I think they have one in Abu Dhabi as well.”

The logistics, however, are being finalised.

Chef Nti will be enhancing her knowledge of food as well as taking SA cuisine to the world.

Reflecting on when her love affair with food started blossoming, she says: “It started at home. Growing up, it was my mum, my sister and myself. Food is how we spent quality time together at the end of each day. Mum has always been passionate about cooking.”

What she recalls most, with such fondness, is her mother creating fancy meals on a budget. As such, she pairs food with love.

That inherent appreciation for food has been masterfully interwoven into her career plans.

Chef Nti notes: “Food is cultural. If you look at any chef, you will see this. For me, it’s about celebrating South Africa’s culinary heritage with food. But I like to infuse a modern touch with Mediterranean flavours, if that makes sense. That’s why I’m going to Miami’s La Petite Maison. They do that sort of French Mediterranean that you will find in my food.”

She continues: “With my first cooking show I was sponsored by Ace. There I was showing people how to make special meals using pap. Everyone has a warm story about pap - it unites us as much as soccer and rugby tend to.

“With the show, I showed them how to make everything from gnocchi, pap chips, pap pizza, tarts to cakes/flans.”

These days she has a regular insert on’s Sunrise breakfast show every Thursday.

By the way, she has three signature dishes that have become a firm favourite with fans and loved ones.

“It’s the stuff I made with the Perfect Ace Super Maize Meal. So I have a coconut and maize flan.

“I have these spinach and feta croquettes where, instead of potato, I use pap, which has the same consistency.

“They come out crunchy on the outside and soft and cheesy on the inside. I also make this maize pizza.”

She’s no stranger to Miami as she has been there many times before. She says: “I’m going to be going back to basics. That (meaning the US) is where I started my culinary journey. I was based in LA.

“That is where I trained. I started a show and my blogging journey was conceived.

“My research guided and shaped me.

“I’m going back to look at what they are offering and bring it back home.

“It’s all about seeing what I can adapt - it’s not a cut and paste situation. As much I will be hitting the food scene there, I will also be taking South Africa’s culinary scene there.”

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