Faatimah and Zainab Paruk are rising stars worth getting to know
From catering queens to releasing their own inspired cookbooks, sisters, Faatimah and Zainab Paruk are rising stars worth getting to know. 

These wonderfully talented sisters are from Chilli Chocolate Chefs, a company which they both launched in 2009. Chilli Chocolate Chefs is a foodie company that combines catering, training, food innovations, foodie gifting and more. 

The company has and continues making waves in the Durban culinary scene, both corporate and festive. The chefs are graduates from two of South Africa’s renowned chef schools, Christina Martin and Fusion Cooking School.

We spent a few minutes with them this week and loved how dedicated they are to their work and constantly trying to bring in new ideas to their culinary adventure. Speaking of dedication, the chefs have three cookbooks under their name with the first one being launched in 2014 and titled Entertain.

Entertain is filled with the chefs favourites and dishes that Chilli Chocolate Chefs enjoy cooking at home. 

The following year, they launched their second book titled Let’s Cook with Chilli Chocolate Chefs which is a kiddie’s recipe book,  packed with step-by-step kid-friendly recipes-and great photos to match. 

Early this year they launched their latest offering titled “Feast” which is a collection of over 80 amazing delicious recipes which the Chilli Chocolate Chefs have developed. 

Feast combines scrumptious meals, gourmet salads and starters, delicious ice creams, desserts, breads, cheesecakes and more.  These chefs are must-follows and they live for good food.