Confusion over whether Fanta Grape is being discontinued in SA
 A social media post has sparked confusion over whether Fanta Grape is still going to be available in SA in the coming months.

On the Facebook page South African Essentials the post reads: "More sad news for 2019. R.I.P Fanta Grape.  Coca Cola SA has discontinued the production of Fanta Grape with immediate effect."

This led to a thread where people were saying it's fake news and the soft drink is going nowhere.

Someone then took the debate to Twitter and asked the question there, but still the team at Fanta did not give a clear answer.

Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages (CCPB) spokesperson Priscilla Urquhart shed light on the matter and revealed and says: " There is no truth to the social media rumour mill. Fanta Grape is still very much part of the Fanta family. There is no truth to it being discontinued."

But it's worth noting that CCPB is only the bottling company and the team at Coca-Cola could not be contacted to confirm or deny the rumours.