Whisky such as Jack Daniels brings out the flavour in food. Picasa

Not only does whisky go well with food, but it also goes well in food.

We spoke to Head Chef at the Stratus Steak House, Duncan Pontac about foods that you can infuse with Jack Daniels whisky and its outcome when it comes to flavour and notes. 

Below are the dishes by Pontac. 

Gentleman Jack BBQ Chicken Wings. Supplied

Gentleman Jack BBQ Chicken Wings

Gentleman Jack has always been a double mellowed Tennessee whisky, the wings we source are also very fresh and more to the meatier side.

Once cooked together in my homemade basting the textures and light Gentleman Jack notes pull through to give this the best wings experience you have had to date!

Butternut Fritter and Jack Daniels Honey 

The sweetness of the butternut compliments the honey hints of the Jack Daniels, the two when cooked together don’t over power but more complement each other’s sweet tones creating a flavourful honey and whisky explosion.

The fritters reminded me of my mom; she used to make it as a treat for us as kids

Jack Fire Penne Arrabiata. Supplied

Jack Fire Penne Arrabiata 

The Arrabiata name is literally translated to spicy pasta.

Therefore, the fire of the Jack Daniels comes through together with the sauce of this pasta and highlights some of the chilli notes.

Although Jack Fire is recommended to be served ice cold as a shooter, this combination is a match made in heaven.

Buttered Jack Honey Sauce

This is more of a side option that I’ve created, the creamy butter and Jack Honey is perfect for some of our seafood dishes or even our duck.

Buttered jack honey sauce has such a unique flavour; it’s like having dessert with your main, but not at the same time.

Wagyu Beef Burger fried in Jack Daniels Sinatra. Picture by Patrick King

Wagyu Beef Burger fried in Jack Daniels Sinatra 

First to give you an idea of the legendary Jack Daniels Sinatra, it pays tribute to Jack’s biggest fan Frank Sinatra and is made with their signature Sinatra Barrels with deep grooves that are specially carved to expose the whiskey.

This alone speaks to the special marbling you find in the Wagyu beef and that’s why these two are the perfect combination. This pairing is definitely one of a kind.

The Wagyu beef burger it definitely not an everyday meal and should be savoured on special occasions.

The locally sourced meat to produce this magnificent burger patty it is a no-brainer.