The Golden Mile Beef Burger. Picture by Sibonelo Ngcobo

There's very little that can beat a good food and beer pairing. 

That's what i found out when i attended a craft beer and food tasting at the Garden Court Marine Parade, South Beach, earlier last week. 

I went in with no expectations because it's too easy to get disappointed once you have high hopes. 

The hotel's executive chef, Qhawe Tshabalala, teamed up with the owner and master brewer of the Standeaven Brewery, Shaun Standeaven, to match craft beers and gin and tonic drinks with delicious food so I was not let down.

It was educational but fun at the same time. Such tastings give you the chance to learn more about which beer complements specific dishes.

Standeaven showcased various products produced at the Standeaven Brewery which also feature at the hotel.  Apart from the craft beer, they also produce their own gin and tonic, which is made with a special blend of botanicals. 

Master brewer of the Standeaven Brewery, Shaun Standeaven. Picture by Sibonelo Ngcobo.

The Classic Gin and Tonic was a perfect complement for the sushi. It has hints of refreshing citrus and juniper berry, which enhances the sushi without masking its flavour. 

On the beer side of things there was the Golden Mile, a pale beer, and The Rascal, a sour cherry ginger beer.

The Golden Mile paired very well with the Golden Mile Beef Burger — they were made for each other.

Beer is a classic pairing with a burger — the soft beefiness of a well-grilled patty accompanied by the crunch of lettuce, onion and tomato downed with a light malt craft lager is heaven. The onion rings were also infused with The Golden Mile beer and tasted nice and crispy.