Sushi doughnuts are gaining popularity in South Africa too.
Isn’t it interesting how we live in a world where rules are suspended? Before you spill your afternoon tea, we mean the rules that come with how we enjoy our food.

We have thrown caution to the wind, and are experimenting with food more than Julia Child did, and from this comes the interesting (and wacky) food we now have in the culinary world.

Instagram has been the platform that many foodies are using to come up with interesting food creations, so much that it’s become hard to keep track.

Sushi doughnuts are gaining popularity in South Africa too.

Food trends are made on Instagram, and the latest one was seen on the social media site. While sushi pizza is still catching on around the globe, dividing people more than the Hawaiian pizza, we now have a new hybrid food to try out: the sushi doughnut.

Imagine a typical ring doughnut, but this time it’s made of sushi. The shape is the only authentic doughnut element. The sushi isn’t actually sweetened.

With many poke bars in the US claiming to have created the sushi doughnut, credit should go to Australian vegan cookbook author, Sam Murphy. She invented the dish in 2016 after playing around with a doughnut mould, and put it on Instagram.

“I’m aware that it’s not the most practical way to eat sushi,” Murphy said. “I take it as a bit of flattery. Of course, I can’t expect everyone in the food world to credit me.”

The trend has since blown up, especially in sushi and poke bars in the US, including Poke Burri in Atlanta, US. They gave tips on how they give their sushi doughnuts the edge.

What makes a sushi doughnut?

Sushi doughnuts are gaining popularity in South Africa too.

You can choose from all the regulars on a sushi menu, so there is really a sushi doughnut for all tastes. There is a salmon, tuna and crab doughnut and a great selection of toppings including jalapeño, fried shallots, masago and pickled ginger.

Instead of the icing sugar you’d expect on a doughnut you can choose raw fish, avocado or tempura flakes on your sushi doughnut.

For toppings, you can use wasabi mayo.

In South Africa, the sushi doughnuts have become popular at Yamitsuki in Bedfordview, Three Wise Monkeys in Cape Town and Jack Salmon in Durban North.