Preparing your meals before hand helps when you're quite a busy person. Picture: Pexels

Planning dinner can be stressful- especially if you’re one of those people who spend most hours working and hardly get dinner in time.

But speaking to Executive Culinary Artist from Granny Mouse Country House and Spa, Wayland Green, you can take the guesswork out of meal planning with these tips he has provided below. These tips will help in creating a weekly menu and help you stay organized.


  • Think of that leftover stew or casserole from the night before. Instead of having the same dish again, why not change it into a pie?
  • It works out perfect for all, same protein and two ways of serving it.

Think ahead

  • You know what you have in your freezer and cupboards so why don’t you plan for the next day? 
  • Like cutting your onions and vegetables the night before so that it is easier when you get home from work and not really in the mood to cook. 
  • Half the job is done already.


  • It works out much cheaper to make a little extra dinner the night before and take that for lunch than having to make something new for your day at work. 
  • You won’t need that extra loaf of bread and cold meats.


  • It isn’t a bad thing to cut meat out of your diet for a day or two as meat can be heavy if eaten every day so why not have vegetable dishes. 
  • Gives the body a break and rest from trying to break down all the meat tissue in your system.

Fun Cooking

  • It’s always fun when you with family and friends around the dinner table. 
  • Get the kids involved when it comes to choosing what to eat and make it fun by getting them to wash the vegetables and add the seasoning to foods. 
  • They will learn at the same time about food and they will learn to enjoy eating healthy as well.