A few years ago it was quite normal to see wine writers getting excited because men were beginning to drink Rosé.

It's complete nonsense of course, guys (and women) can drink whatever they like - but for some reason the fruity, pink Rosé's were marketed as feminine and men tended to shy away from them on the wine shelves.

Sipping the new Roodeberg Rosé, I recalled this foolishness and was grateful that it never influenced winemakers because the varietal would have suffered.

This new Rosé is a great testament to the fact that a Rosé can be fruity and light but still pack a punch.

There are subtle aromas of watermelon, litchi and raspberry with hints of rose petal and Turkish delight as well as a good acidity and a long, fruity finish.

“The wine is complex enough to enjoy with rich dishes such as smoked salmon or sushi that complement the fruitiness. It’s great for a hot summer’s day and a Rosé that is definitely not strictly girls only,” says winemaker Louwritz Louw.

Roodeberg Rosé is available nationwide and retails for R85.