Get to know your rooibos - Pic by SLDIGI/FOTOLIA
Rooibos is a South African staple that in all its many forms can flavour your food and drink.

The Rooibos Experience at the Root 44 Market in Stellenbosch this weekend is the perfect place to get some rooibos inspiration.

Your first thought might be that Rooibos is reserved in only tea form, but it's a plant that offers so much more:

Alcoholic drinks:

  • Audacia’s “no sulphites or preservatives added” red wine which is created by using Rooibos and Honeybush toasted wood chips.
  • Stellenbrau Rooibos-blended lager and the Woodstock Gin Company’s Buchu and Rooibos-infused gin proves that Rooibos can add an extra punch to your beer and gin.

Stellenbrau Rooibos-blended lager - pic supplied
Non-alcoholic drinks:

  • Rooibos tea kombucha – a natural tea fermentation, which has been perfected by Brew Kombucha is a healthy alternative to carbonated and sugary drinks.
  • Rooibos smoothies
  • Uber Flavour Brews – made from rooibos and 100% fresh fruit juice
  • Theonista’s top-quality Rooibos iced teas. 
Also on offer is a range of sugar-free, organic and unsulphured dried fruit and vegetables that have been rehydrated in rooibos tea using an innovative process that has been patented by RedBushed Fruit, while meat-lovers are sure to salivate over Bay Biltong’s range of Rooibos flavoured cured meats.

A wide variety of loose leaf teas, beautiful teapots and accessories will also be for sale by The Tea Merchant, because tea is ultimately what has put Rooibos on the map.

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