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Greenleaf + Terroir – or G+T for short – is a pre-mix of locally produced, small batch gin, and a craft tonic, served in easy-to-drink glass bottles to cool you off this summer.

What makes this drink unique is the taste provided by the gin, which is distilled with Pinotage grapes grown in the Durbanville area, just outside of Cape Town. 

Rudolf Fourie from Greenleaf + Terroir says: "Gins get their taste from the distillation with juniper berries and the mix of botanicals that is unique to that brand. Many gins these days are using interesting, locally sourced botanicals to give their product a flavour that is distinctive to them. We decided to use gin distilled with South African Pinotage grapes – for what is more reflective of our Cape region than our locally grown wine grapes?” 

Greenleaf + Terroir uses a base spirit that is mixed with distilled Pinotage wine, and is then distilled further with juniper berries, hand-peeled lemons and limes, coriander and fennel. 

“We set out to use the best gin we possibly could – one that was uncomplicated, simple and sophisticated,” says Fourie.

Apart from the juniper berries, which are imported from Tuscany, all other ingredients are Proudly South African, being locally grown, hand-picked and selected. 

The tonic is also produced locally, in partnership with Barker and Quinn. It is made in small batches, using all natural ingredients, from earth-friendly suppliers.

The idea for the brand came about after a group of friends in Cape Town, all successful in other areas of business, decided to try their hand at creating their own drinks brand. 

Seeing how the popularity of gin was growing around the world, they realised there was a gap in the market for a quality pre-mix. The result is an easy-to-enjoy, refreshing drink, that is perfect for summer afternoon, evening sundowners or just taking along to a braai.