Absolut watermelon. Picture: Supplied
Absolut watermelon. Picture: Supplied

A look at flavoured vodka and why it's here to stay

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Mar 31, 2021

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Vodka is one of the most popular spirits in the drinks industry due to its versatility.

And when it comes to flavour innovations, the popularity of gin has paved the way for a new sub‐category, which is flavoured vodkas. Flavoured vodkas can add dimensions to simple mixed drinks with little fuss or skill required, and they offer a clean flavour rather than the sweetness qualities of flavoured syrups.

Let’s take a look at some of the flavours that have recently hit the shelves in South Africa.

Absolut watermelon

In line with Absolut’s long history of flavouring vodka using only natural ingredients, Absolut watermelon is a premium vodka with no added artificial sugars or colourants. It has a rich and smooth taste profile with the distinct character of watermelon juice, complemented with underlying hints of spiciness.

Absolut watermelon has a slightly reduced abv (38%) which allows for a truly optimised flavour profile and balance, making it the perfect cocktail ingredient. The watermelon flavour also makes for an easy mix with tonic or soda to create a perfect drink for that sunny afternoon at home. It's an ingredient that is always in season, so you can have a taste of summer, come rain or shine.

Cruz vodka banana deluxe

According to Hype Magazine, the Cruz banana deluxe carries the smooth 5-times distilled core of the Cruz range. They mention that people can expect a crafted balance between indulgence and refreshment with the banana flavour as the star of the show, and a tasteful hint of vanilla to top it off.

CÎROC mango

A sensory delight, CÎROC mango is a tropical fruit flavour. Deliciously smooth, it is infused with mango and other natural flavours. The taste of juicy Carabao mango combines with tangy citrus and other tropical flavours to create a unique melange of tastes and layers of flavour.

Why are they here to stay?

Drink experts reveal that the world of vodka is a world worth exploring, and to all the naysayers, numbers do not lie and vodka is still very much one of the reigning champions of South Africa. They reveal that more than likely, one thing is for sure: it is here now and it is not going anywhere. They also reveal that understanding vodka and how to use it is a very important tool to have in your bartending tool kit, and whether it is at home, or in a pub behind the stick, someone will ask you for something with vodka.

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