Fitch & Leedes Spicy Ginger Beer takes the enjoyment of fine spirits to the next level.
Fitch & Leedes launched South Africa's first ginger beer made specifically as a mixer, is a perfect fit for fine rum and whisky. 

This premium ginger beer brings out the sweet undertones in the spirit while allowing the pleasant spiciness of the ginger beer to shine through.

The new Fitch & Leedes Spicy Ginger Beer is lower in sugar in comparison to most other ginger beers.

"We are really excited about new Fitch & Leedes Spicy Ginger Beer. Not only does it align perfectly with Sailor Jerry Rum’s bold and unapologetically ‘All in’ brand spirit, but most importantly it tastes great when mixed in a refreshing spicy ginger cocktail,” says Shaun Stemmett, Sailor Jerry Rum Brand Manager.

Fitch & Leedes spicy ginger beer cocktails.
Fitch & Leedes Spicy Ginger Beer is the preferred mixer for their signature serve Jerry Loves Ginger Cocktail:

  • 1 part Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
  • 3 parts Fitch & Leedes Spicy Ginger Beer
  1. Add Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum to an empty highball glass
  2. Fill with ice.
  3. Top with Fitch & Leedes Spicy Ginger Beer and garnish with candied ginger.

Fitch & Leedes is available at leading purveyors of fine beverages, boutique wine shops, selected deli’s, fine dining establishments and cocktail bars. It sells at around R50 for a 6-pack of 200ml cans or R52 per 4-pack of 200ml glass bottles.