Coffee culture is booming in South Africa and with it the art of brewing. 

In Cape Town coffee connoisseurs can look forward to the C ape Town Coffee Festival from 24 - 25 February, testament to the popularity of the beverage.

Along with the growing take-away coffee culture has emerged eager home brewers who want to replicate the same caffeine hit at home. 

Bean There Coffee Company is SA’s first roaster of Certified Fairtrade coffee and has put together a quick and easy guide to get you started on your brewing journey.
Cold Brew

This is the perfect summer brew.

The French Press / Plunger 

Great for the coffee newbies, this is a good place to start - so easy and just as delicious.
The Stovetop 

As one of the oldest and most popular ways of making coffee, everyone’s got to give this one a try.

The AeroPress 

If you’re serious about your coffee and keen to experiment with different grinds and coffee-to-water ratios, this one’s for you.


For those who appreciate that coffee is art.