Frozen cubes of milk. Picture: I Heart Photography
Frozen cubes of milk. Picture: I Heart Photography

Aussie woman shares simple trick on how to make milk last longer

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Apr 8, 2020

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With South Africa on lockdown and the nation only leaving their homes for essential travel, it has never been more important to make food stretch longer.

Many people have been sharing tips and hacks on how to reduce food waste, how to store cupboard recipes in a bid to encourage people to use up what they have, while others have been practicing batch cooking. 

One of those is an Australian woman, Danielle Chapman who shared a simple trick on Facebook this week that allows a bottle of milk to last longer than normal and prevent wastage. 

In a Facebook post, Chapman wrote that by pouring milk into ice cube trays or bags, you can simply pop one out into your hot coffee or tea as required.

“If this helps any of our local elderly residents then please share away. Freeze milk in ice cube trays, one is enough for a cup of tea or coffee - so they don't have to defrost a full bottle of milk which may go to waste - this can save them money as well as not have to go out so often to get fresh milk,” she said. 

Chapman’s tip has since gone viral on social media, with over 40 000 shares on Facebook and plenty of comments.

Users commented that this is a great idea. 

Brenda Pammenter said, “ I have done this, been shopping twice and forgotten to get milk, so it has been really useful.”

Lynne Greaves Suzanne Talbot said that she has done this before. That she just pops the cube straight into a mug of hot water, or if she remembers to, she takes a cube out, puts it in the mug, leaves it a little while and makes coffee or tea as normal with the milk after it's melted. 

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