Cape Town - 120402 - Cocktail Corner: Nic Haarhoff, with a Poloma, a Mexican inspired cocktail at El Burro in Green Point. REPORTER: WENDYL MARTIN. PICTURE: CANDICE CHAPLIN.

Bar: El Burro

Address: 81 Main Road, Green Point, Cape Town

Contact: 021 433 2564

Twitter: @_el_burro

Cocktail: Poloma

Price: R35

Ingredients: The juice of half a grapefruit, one and a half shots of reposado (aged) tequila, half a shot of agave syrup

Let’s hope the one and a half shots of aged tequila do not make you hit the floor. Mexican-themed El Burro serves this pungent Latin American mix.

El Burro owner Nic Haarhoff says the drink is made by shaking the liquids in a shaker with ice and pouring it into a long glass and topping up with soda water.

He says it is popular in Mexico where the drink is made with grapefruit soda instead of real fruit.

It packs a mean punch. I strongly suggest not having this cocktail after consuming tequila the night before.

If you are sober, order and sip slowly. It is a fizzy treat. Haarhoff says it is popular with the ladies because it is pink.

El Burro means “The Donkey”, and a wooden donkey sits on the pavement of Main Road, marking the entrance to the establishment.

It is a well-lit room with booth, chair and bench seating. There is also seating on a balcony.

El Burro is open Monday to Saturday from noon. The kitchen closes at 11.30pm. On weekdays, there is a discount on selected lunch meals. – Weekend Argus