Cape Town - 120423 - Cocktail Corner: Jessica Dawson with a Jack Daniels and Peanut Butter Milkshake at Royale Eatery. REPORTER: WENDYL MARTIN. PICTURE: CANDICE CHAPLIN

Bar: Royale Eatery

Address: 273 Long Street

Contact: 021 422 4536

Twitter: @Royale_Eatery

Cocktail: Jack Daniel’s and Peanut Butter Shake

Price: R50 for a large and R40 for standard size

Ingredients: Vanilla ice cream, Jack Daniel’s whiskey and peanut butter.

Think back to childhood tastes of double-thick peanut butter shakes. Now imagine that laced with Tennessee whiskey. Royale Eatery on Long Street serves this sweet goodie, among offerings of large burgers.

Manageress Simone Stephens says the shake is hand mixed and not machine blended. One shot of Jack is used for the standard size shake and two for the large along with a “healthy” dose of peanut butter. This drink was such a treat I polished it off to the last drop. The quantity of peanut butter is considerable and can be seen all the way through the shake. It blends well with the whiskey and the two flavours complement each other nicely.

Stephens says this drink is popular with men. “They love it and get excited when they see it on the menu,” she says. Royale Eatery has prime space at the top end of Long Street, easily accessible to passers- by. There are two tables out front. This is the only smoking area. It is open from noon to 11.30pm from Monday to Saturday. The upstairs booking level is open from 7pm.

A specials board changes regularly, promoting burger or shake bargains. – Weekend Argus