Cape Town. 030715. Tjing Tjing barman Patrick Oliver with his Asian Persusion cocktail. Picture Leon Lestrade. Story Wendyl Martin

Cocktail Corner

Bar: Tjing Tjing

Address: 165 Longmarket Street

021 422 4374/4920

Twitter: @tjingtjingbar

Cocktail: Asian Persuasion

Price: R48

Ingredients: Bacardi Superior rum, lime, mint, chilli and honey

If, like me, you believe a good dose of fresh chilli is good for fighting off the winter chills, try the Asian Persuasion at Tjing Tjing.

Barman Patrick Oliver makes the drink by putting a few cut lime wedges into a tall glass, then adds two shots of Bacardi and muddles the limes with it to release its flavour.

While muddling, he adds chopped chilli.

Then comes bruised mint leaves, honey and crushed ice, all mixed in the glass.

He garnishes it with two straws and more lime, mint and chilli.

It is an icy drink but juicy, as the ice is coarsely crushed.

I didn't taste the chilli at first; it came as a lingering after-taste.I suggest trying to mix it further, to flavour the ice in the drink, as much of the good stuff is at the bottom.

This bar is a centrally-located nightlife asset to Cape Town. It recently received the honour of being listed in fourth place in Condé Nast Traveller's 10 Hottest New Bars Around The World.

A rooftop and attic bar located at the top level of the Dear Me restaurant, it offers both a wood cabin feel and an open view of the inner city skyline.

If you want to sit outside, there are a fireplace and blankets to keep you warm and you can smoke.

Tapas on offer includes quesedillas, fish and chips, duck croquettes, sweetcorn fritters and cheese boards.

Tjing Tjing is open Tuesdays to Fridays from 4pm to 2am and on Saturdays from 6.30pm to 2am. - Weekend Argus