Cape Town 210812 The barman Simbarashe Nkomo at Tashreeqa's Cafe shows the virgin cocktale "Electric Blue" that they have to offer. picture : neil baynes Reporter : Wendyl Martin

Bar: Tashreeqa’s Coffee and Cake Emporium

Address: Corner of Kromboom and Sunnyside roads, Crawford, Cape Town

Contact: 021 696 1005

Cocktail: Shirley Temple

Price: R22

Ingredients: Crushed ice, lemonade, lime cordial, cinnamon syrup and grenadine

I found it a bit strange to be drinking cocktails at a bakery, but there I was this week in Crawford having an irregular virgin.

“Barman” Simbarashe Nkomo makes the drink by crushing ice in a blender and adding lemonade, lime and cinnamon syrup. The mixture is poured into a hurricane glass and topped with grenadine. A lemon slice floats inside the drink.

It is very sweet and surprisingly juicy despite its slushy appearance. Nkomo says the drink is ordered by twenty-somethings.

Tashreeqa’s owner, Najmoenisa Fredericks, says that since taking over from the previous owners, they have added a few mocktails to the menu, including mojitos and, more recently, the Electric Blue.

There is no smoking area at Tashreeqa’s.

The bakery does have wi-fi which is sold in bundles. Private seating is available for parties of up to 15 for meetings and family gatherings.

Meal of the moment specials at Tashreeqa’s are on its Facebook page – Tashreeqa’s Coffee & Cake Emporium. – Wendyl Martin