Cape Town - 121119 - Cocktail Corner: Panama Jacks serves a variety of cocktails to accompany their sea food cuisine. Here, waitron, Melissa Newton with a Jamaican Milkshake. REPORTER: WENDYL MARTIN. PICTURE: CANDICE CHAPLIN.

Bar: Panama Jacks

Address: Quay 500, Duncan Dock Road, Table Bay Harbour, Cape Town

Contact: 021 447 3992

Cocktail: Jamaican Milkshake

Price: R35

Ingredients: Jim Beam, Red Heart, milk and a dash of grenadine

Through a set of Transnet boom gates, tucked away on the harbour’s edge, is a quaint restaurant which is experimenting with cocktails.The Jamaican Milkshake was an intriguing choice, with its combination of bourbon and milk.

Food and beverage manager Gavin Pittaway says it’s built over crushed ice and garnished with two cherries and two cocktail straws.

Do not be fooled by its innocent appearance – it packs a punch.

Pittaway says their mojitos and daiquiries are still their most popular cocktails.

The restaurant has been open for 23 years. It is a timber structure, with a ceiling completely bedecked with country flags. Daylight streams in from shutter windows across most of the restaurant.

There is a smoking area to the side of the bar.

Pittaway says an upstairs deck is being built.

It is open daily, for lunch from 12.30pm to 3pm and for supper from 6pm to 10.30pm. It remains open between mealtimes.

The lunch menu features business lunch specials, including many sushi deals. – Weekend Argus