Cape Town - 121015 - Cocktail Corner: Beluga mixologist Adam Bartal with the Lime Bubbles cocktail. REPORTER: WENDYL MARTIN. PICTURE: CANDICE CHAPLIN

Bar: Beluga

Address: The Foundry, Prestwich Street, Green Point, Cape Town

Contact: 021 418 2948

Cocktail: Lime Bubbles

Price: R55

Ingredients: Tequila, triple sec, gomme syrup, citrus fruits and cap classique sparkling wine

If you are looking for a bubbly mix to toast in the new year, resolve to drink Beluga’s Lime Bubbles.

Mixologist Adam Bartal says the drink is made by muddling orange, lime and lemon pieces together with the skins on. The liquid ingredients are shaken with ice and strained into a glass with the muddled fruit.

It tastes sweet without being too syrupy. There is a definite tequila kick, too. A good amount of citrus brings in sour flavours to balance out the sweetness.

Bartal says it is often a pre-meal drink. Beluga is big on sushi and dim sum, so snap some chopsticks and tuck in.

Beluga is a Caviar restaurant along with Sevruga at the Waterfront. Caviar marketing manager Tanya Horak describes Beluga as the young, trendy and sexy sister of Sevruga. You might be in the company of celebs at Beluga, as Charlize Theron was spotted there in November.

Beluga is open daily from noon.

Half-price specials on cocktails and sushi run daily from noon to 7pm and all day on Sunday, the reason a colleague of mine refers to the restaurant as “church”.

Just in time for the warm weather, frozen ice lolly cocktails are now on the menu at R20 a pop. Enjoy a sour apple martini, blood orange coconut or regular mojito frozen at -40´ºC and served on ice. – Weekend Argus