Flavoured milk. Picture: Supplied
Flavoured milk. Picture: Supplied

Cutting down on sugar? Here are 3 replacements for fizzy drinks

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Jan 7, 2020

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It is January and people have started with their New Year’s resolution - one of which is to cut down on sugar. 

Cutting down on sugar has become one of the most popular New Year's resolutions on social media alongside losing weight, and saving money. 

Experts say that cutting down on sugar helps with weight management, gives you increased energy, have fewer cravings, and helps with improved skin. 

For many, sugar is a drug. 

According to health coach and wholesome cook founder Martyna Angell, here’s how you can replace fizzy drinks whilst cutting down on sugar this month. 

Fruit juice. Picture: Supplied

Make fruit juice 

Many people are surprised that juice, hailed to be healthy and containing “no added sugar” and (the added) benefit of vitamins, is often sweeter than soft drinks. While having three teaspoons of sugar in an apple is fine, it takes 2-3 apples to make a full glass of juice and no fibre to hold back your appetite. You do the math.

Flavoured milk and milkshakes 

This one frustrates me a lot because it is mainly aimed at children. If you look at any nutritional label of commercially-made flavoured milk, I bet you that one of the first ingredients you’ll see on that list will be sugar, about 25g (or 6 teaspoons) per cup.

Fruity tea soda. Picture: Supplied

Make a fruity tea soda 

I am seriously addicted to this and it’s one of my favourite low sugar drinks. I make a pot of hot tea, herbal tea or fruity tisane before I go to bed at night so that it’s ready for fizzing up in the morning. 

You can now also get cold tea infusions. You might also be interested in trying Kombucha. It’s a fermented and all naturally carbonated drink that can also be diluted with water in the same way. 

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