From Chardonnays to Chenins, wine enthusiasts will once again indulge their senses with a variety of local wines at the TOPS at SPAR wine show presented in association with Independent Media. .

Imagine walking into a library after reading your first book- moving from a universe with one excellent novel into a space crowded with identical looking tomes- rows of shelves packed to the rafters with thousands of dusty, glorious books. 

Which ones are good? Which ones bad? You couldn't possibly have any idea but you're pretty sure reading them all yourself would be the work of a lifetime and even then, where would you start? Maybe you'd just back slowly out of those massive doors and save yourself some trouble
by reading that first book over again, it really was quite good...

It may sound strange but many people feel this way about wine when they first start getting into it. 

The sheer number of varietals (read: genres), vineyards (publishers) and winemakers (authors) makes it practically impossible to try everything, even once. How on earth are you supposed to make sense of this carnival of cabernets and cinsaults, chenins, chardonnays and champagnes when you have literally no idea?

Well, just like you'd have a book club of friends to help you sniff out the kind of books you enjoy and bring books you never would have looked at twice to your attention, a Wine Club is an excellent way to cut through the noise.

Sure, there will still be some wines brought to the table that aren't exactly what you're after but you're also guaranteed to find something unexpected that you absolutely love. If you're wondering how you'll fit this into your whirlwind social calendar, you could always add wines to your existing Book Club mix and call it “Reading between the vines”. 

To get a jump start on the rest of your reading circle, why not join us at the TOPS AT SPAR Wine Show where there's something for every-wine! 

From Sommeliers to sommer-regular-folks, you're sure to find something new to tickle your fancy in Winederland.