Benguela Diamond Gin - pic supplied
The team at Benguela Diamonds in Port Nolloth on the West Coast have been diving and mining diamonds from the sea bed and used this as inspiration for their gin.

Benguela Diamond Gin is is distilled in Germany in small batches by the young and successful distiller Florian Faude and gin connaisseur Patrick Braun.

But it has the distinctive taste and aroma of the West Coast — the idea was to make the story of Benguela Diamonds tangible.

They describe their gin inspiration and aim to “conserve and relay the  memories of the cold sea, the salty air and extraordinary adventure of Benguela Diamonds.”

“To take this experience and transform it into a unique liquid – a superlative gin that not only
tastes of the sea, but also holds the brilliance and clarity of diamonds, the sparkling treasures that come from the sea. This is where it all begins.”

Like our diamonds the Benguela Diamond Gin characterises itself with the Cape's  West Coast. It has a balanced “floral and herbal nose” and works great in a cocktail.