English fans drinking an extra six million pints at #FifaWorldCup
It's predicted that England fans will gulp down a whopping extra 6 million pints when #EngCol kicks off this evening.

England are up against Colombia in this last of 16 matches and the pubs will be full of football supporters.

The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) is predicting that England home fans will buy 6 million extra pints at the pub - exact figures aren't available.

The association forecasts that all the extra beers will tally up to additional £18 million (R 326 million) in revenue while the match is being broadcast.

A pint of beer is poured into a glass in a bar in London. Reuters (Peter Nicchols)
The statement from the group readst: "The taxman will be cheering the loudest when England play Colombia. Counting receipts from beer sales, the Chancellor could get an additional windfall as high as £2.7 million from beer drinkers and pub-goers watching the match."

The statement further adds, that so far the football has been a money spinner in pubs across England: "The BBPA had predicted that during the group stages of the World Cup, England fans would purchase up to 16 million extra pints while watching England in their games against Tunisia, Panama and Belgium."

The extra beer being poured is happening against a backdrop of carbon dioxide shortages in the UK which is used to put the fizz in pints.

Beer supplies are reportedly running low in Northern Europe and the UK is no exception, but it's not going to stop football fans filing into their local on match days to support their team.